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Beginner course

The goal of beginner course is for students to gain basic flying skills (take-off, low altitude flight, landing) to be best prepared for safe high altitude flying initiation. 5 high alitude flights are included in the programme of our beginner course.

Should I sign up for TASTER DAYS or BEGINNER COURSE, what is the difference?

Where does it take place?

For beginner courses we use the grounds that provide maximum level of safety and possibilities for high quality exercises and training for altitude flying to come. These grounds are located in Prebold, Logatec and Senično. To reach these locations we provide our own group transport from Ljubljana.

When do we begin?

You can start the BEGINNER COURSE course right after the TASTER DAYS course.


The course consists of aprox. 10 practical exercises (every exercise takes about 3 hours) on our school grounds and 2 lectures in paragliding theory. During this process the students perform at least 25 flights with 50 meters difference in altitude (everyting is performed under watchful supervision and radio guidance of flight instructor). Beginner course ends with first "real deal" flights with difference in altitude of 300 meters.

Beginner course lessons:

  • Inflation, lift and stabilization of paraglider canopy
  • Controlling the wing on the ground
  • Take-off control and suspension
  • Air lift escalation and take-off
  • Controlled lift of the canopy
  • Take-off in difficult conditions
  • Balancing flight speed, turning practice
  • Flight in side wind
  • Landing maneuver
  • 25 flights up to 150m relative altitude
  • 2 lectures in paragliding theory
  • 5 high altitude flights to finish the beginner course


350 €

Cena vključuje

  • Full equipment rental (paragliding wing, harness, helmet, FM radio)
  • Practical exercises on flight school grounds + 5 high altitude flights
  • 2 lectures in paragliding theory
  • Flight log book
  • Paragliding textbook
  • Online study access