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Advanced course

50 high altitude flights with exercises is performed under supervision of instructor for safe and successful independent flying. The aim of Advanced course is to prepare Beginner course graduates, who get excited about the beauty of the sport, for learning skills necessary for safe flying and for obtaining of the paragliding licence.

Advanced course is led by two instructors, one at the take-off and another at the landing, which provides the maximum level of safety. This course is not only about obtaining of the paragliding licence, but also about getting familiar with major Slovenian take-off locations and making first breath-taking soaring circles.

Where does it take place?

Most of the high altitude flights of the Advanced course take place at the take-off spots of Gorenjska region: Ambrož pri Krvavcu, Gozd. Especially during winter time we visit southern take-off spots of Primorska region: Lijak, Kovk. During summer we organise monthly 3-days flying in Soča valley with take-offs Kobala, Kobariški stol, Matajur and Mangrtsko sedlo. If there is some spare time and willing spirit we also make a hike uphill (to eg. Kriška gora) and, of course, make a flying descent.

To reach course locations students can use our group transport which can significantly reduce individual costs.

When do we begin?

You can start the Advanced course immediately after completing the Beginner course.



  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight techniques
  • Meteorology
  • Extreme situations
  • Constructions & materials
  • Airspace regulations
  • Thermal-soaring


  • Gradual accustomization to heights
  • Flying from various take-off locations in Slovenia
  • Landing maneuvers
  • Flying in full speed range of the paraglider
  • Lessons for active flying
  • Fast descent maneuvers
  • Extreme situations rescue simulations
  • Advanced methods of reversed launch
  • Wind-soaring
  • Determining the center of thermal lift
  • Cross-country flying techniques


510 €

Cena vključuje

  • Free of charge equipment rental up to 10th flight (and possibility to rent equipment for low charge after flight 10)
  • 50 high altitude flights
  • Paragliding theory lessons
  • Paragliding text book
  • Flight log book
  • Online study access